Clinical test results show relief from "floaters" 

"Floaters" or "muscae volitantes" are common eye problems.

This early form of the degenerative changes of the vitreous 1.) with its irritating shadows of around swirling, cross-linked collagen fibers in the field of vision, hinders greatly the quality of life of those affected. The vitreous body changes through collagen metabolism, so that a nutritive influence here is plausible.

Can a relatively short-term diet bring change to those already affected?

For this reason, a data collection for the daily intake of VitroCap® capsules over a period of 12 weeks, has been conducted in the ophthalmological practice of Dr.Th. Kaercher, Heidelberg.

24 patients were included in the observation. The age range of the patients was 21-81 years. The subjective symptoms were quantified in 5 levels (1- low 5- and extreme discomfort), describing the strength of the perceived interference. In addition, the patients were questioned about when the disturbances were most apparent. At the end of the supplementation period, the extent of the improvement was documented.

Over 80% of the participants reported that the disturbances in the field of vision were particularly noticed in the morning, in the evening and while reading. The number of adverse effects after intake was reduced significantly at all times.

In assessing whether the symptoms improved after the supplementation with VitroCap®, it was affirmed by 21 patients.

Figure 1. Interference by "floaters". Average score before (orange) and after VitroCap®-taking on a scale of 1 - 5 results (1 = poor, 5 = extremely)

1.) Gerste RD, Kaercher Th, Pharma_Report, ZPA 344; April 2013

(n = 24) 

The level of interference was reduced considerably. Fig. 1.

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